25 Traits and Principles of Confident Men

25 Traits and Principles of Confident Men


"a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities"

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Some men naturally have it, others have to work at it, and all women love it; but developing a strong sense of confidence in yourself goes far beyond dating. Establishing an unshakable foundation of self-assurance can help you with your career, parenting, and sense of self.

The thing about confidence is that you can’t fake it; it’s not something you say or how you project yourself to be, but rather who you are and the decisions you make when faced with adversity.

To continue on our mission to inspire confidence in men, we’ve put together a list of traits that all confident men share to help you approach life with a strong balance of understanding and assertiveness.

A truly confident man:

25. Doesn’t attack, belittle, berate, or take advantage of others who are weaker than him in any aspect, have it be physically, financially, or emotionally

24. Has his emotions firmly under control and knows when to act on them and when to ignore them

23. Has the humility to apologize when he’s wrong

22. Have the assertiveness to disagree when he’s right

21. Does not compromise on his moral integrity regardless of the reward of doing so

20. Is true to his word and only speaks the truth

19. Takes extreme ownership of his words and actions

18. Does what he knows to be right regardless of the consequences

17. Openly speaks about his passions and interests

16. Takes the initiative to approach desirable women

15. Isn’t afraid to ask questions when he doesn’t fully understand something

14. Is comfortable with his own sexuality and embraces his true desires

13. Views failure as a valuable lesson instead of a crushing defeat

12. Maintains a strong posture and respectful eye contact

11. Can take jokes and has a great sense of humor

10. Regularly steps out of his comfort zone

9. Doesn’t seek validation from others

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8. Doesn’t think twice about protecting the ones he loves

7. Congratulates the success of others instead of feeling jealousy

6. Does not cower in the face of danger or defeat

5. Avoids jumping to conclusions and instead takes proactive action in a situation

4. Listens more than he speaks

3. Shakes another man’s hand firmly without being overly aggressive

2. Talks and thinks about solutions instead of dwelling on problems

1. Has the balls to disagree without taking the other person’s views as a personal attack

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