5 Reasons Why Women Love Their Men in Drawlz

5 Reasons Why Women Love Their Men in Drawlz

Just because our current society rewards mediocrity and tells men to not care about what women think of their underwear doesn’t mean that society’s right. As a matter of fact, society couldn’t be more wrong - let’s flip it around for a second:

What if you were dating a woman who wore the same old stained, dirty, beat up granny panties and didn’t give a damn what you thought about it? Gross, right?

Now consider the opposite; what if underneath her outfit she was wearing premium, well-kept, sexy panties with a well-fitted bra? See what I’m saying?

But hygiene isn’t the only factor when it comes to your choice of underwear - it goes much deeper than that. Take a step inside a woman’s psyche and learn all of the things that go through her mind when you drop your drawers and she finds some Drawlz.

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When a woman notices that your underwear is premium and well-kept, she feels more secure that what’s underneath is also premium and well-kept.

Women consider fresh underwear like Drawlz as a sign that you more than likely groom your member, properly wash and care for it, and respect yourself enough to use protection. (If you’re not, this is your sign to start.)

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Confidence & Self-Respect

Aside from yourself, very few people will see you in your underwear outside of intimate moments, so when you take time to choose high-quality underwear, women see this as a sign of self-respect.

Although looking good for the opposite sex is a factor when it comes to choosing underwear, making the choice to sport quality underwear like Drawlz shows that you care about what you look like when nobody else can see.

When you make this choice, women know that they’re dealing with a confident man with a deep sense of self-respect.

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This one may be obvious, but it’s one of the most important. When women get dolled up down to their panties and notice that you do the same all the way down to the level of stylish underwear, it goes much further than you think.

There are far too many men who confuse stylish for flamboyant or ridiculous and even more who think that wearing baggy boxers littered with cartoon characters is trendy or retro. Trust me - the last thing a confident and valuable woman wants to see when your pants hit the floor is a yellow bird in chains holding wads of cash with a cigar poking out of its mouth staring back at her.

What she does want to see are mature designs with rich colors on a fit that accentuates your assets. Drawlz has you covered in all of those departments.

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We finally come to a character trait that many men lack and nearly every quality woman wants; maturity. Wearing smelly old underwear is something that kids do when they need their mother to take care of them, and having a rotation of underwear with different superheroes is something teenagers do when they want to look cool in the locker room.

Women don’t want to take care of a boy, they want a man who can take care of himself and take care of her when she needs it. Choosing to go with first-rate underwear is a sign that you’re more than capable of being the man of the household and have shed all of the boyish tendencies commonly that eventually burn away any sense of attraction.

In short, Drawlz sets the men apart from the boys.

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Ultimately, it’s up to you to present yourself to women as a groomed, confident, respectful, stylish, and mature man by choosing classy underwear like Drawlz - and it’s also up to you to maintain that image through your actions and habits.

When you don’t strive to live by these standards, a quality woman will leave you regardless of how many Drawlz you have.

But if you’re a man of integrity and value, making Drawlz your underwear of choice is a subtle yet unmistakable extension of these principles.

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