How Drawlz Compares to Other Undergarment Brands

How Drawlz Compares to Other Undergarment Brands


As there are a wide variety of options in the men's undergarments market, it's understandable that you may still be on the fence about which brand is the best option for your unique lifestyle.

Whether you're currently weighing your options, have been a loyal Drawlz customer, or are just meeting us for the first time, we're here to help you make an informed decision with this article comparing Drawlz to other top men's undergarments.

Today, we'll be looking at five key points to compare; material, waistband, fit, design, and price point.

Let's get to it.


Featured: Cottonz Carolina

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of any pair of undergarments is the material they're made of. There are several different types of material that other brands use that we don't, but let's focus on the two most common and then move to what we use at Drawlz.

Other Brands' MATERIALS


Polyamide is a common material found in other undergarment companies. Although it is known for its elasticity, durability, and resistance to fungi, it does have substantial drawbacks.

First off, it has a low resistance to pilling; the small, firm balls of lint that form on the surface after a few washes. It's known for it's poor breathability, which is a must for all-day comfort, and is also infamous for its knack for gathering static electricity.


This well-known material is another common choice of other undergarment brands, and for good reasons; it's a solid choice for athletic lifestyles due to it's strength to withstand rapid movement, ability to move with your body, and moisture wicking capabilities.

However, polyester is made from petroleum, which forms an incredibly strong covalent bond to body odor molecules. Once a stank gets on there, it will take a few washes to get out. Although it moves with your body, it is not as breathable as other materials such as cotton. It is also not hypoallergenic, making it a poor choice for those with sensitive skin.


All Drawlz undergarments contain 5-15% elastane, and there are three different base materials for our three different collections of undergarments; nylon, micro modal, and cotton.


Elastane is included in all Drawlz undergarments for its exceptionally high stretchability, breathability, and moisture-wicking abilities. Although these are great benefits, a pair of undergarments made only or mostly of elastane will lose its stretchability after a few wears, leading to skin irritability and irritated genitals; the key to using elastane in undergarments is how much of it is blended into the another material. 

That's why there are different percentages of elastane for our three different types of undergarments, as outlined below.


Featured: Expressionz 3 Pack

We use a blend of 85% nylon and 15% elastane in all of our Expressionz undergarments. The very specific combination yields a smooth wear and unbelievable level of comfort, the best option for those with sensitive skin or who suffer from poor circulation and chafing.

Nylon is also known for retaining its color after multiple washings and is the preferred choice for those who lead an active lifestyle due to its ability to keep its shape, lightweight nature, and fast-drying properties.

If you're constantly in hot or humid conditions however, nylon isn't your best choice; instead, go with our micro modal options.

Micro Modal

Featured: Originalz Kingz

Micro modal is exclusive to our Originalz line of undergarments, accounting for 95% of the total material used with elastane taking up the remaining 5%.

Derived from beech trees, this unique material is known for its unparalleled softness, silk-like feel, cool touch to the skin, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. Similar to nylon, micro modal holds its color, can withstand dozens of washes without fading, and helps to provide relief from sensitive skin or chafing.

If you're looking for a solid all-around, do-anything material, micro modal is your best bet.


Featured: Cottonz Mambaz

At last, we come to the father of men's undergarments; cotton. Our Cottonz collection uses a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, resulting in a breathable experience with a secure fit that won't trap odor from bacteria or moisture.

Just like nylon and polyester, cotton is a great choice for those with sensitive skin or chafing issues due to its hypoallergenic properties and ability to absorb sweat and prevent it from irritating sensitive areas. With that said, its exceptional ability to absorb sweat can backfire if you sweat more than the average person. If you fall into this category, go with our micro modal options instead.


Featured: DBZ Signaturez: Gold Anniversary Edition

A waistband can either make or break a pair of undergarments.

In other brands, you'll find the waistband will begin to itch and fray after a few washes; this is because they are either made too thin, too narrow, or made with low-quality elastic. On the other hand, waistbands that are too wide or deep can dig into or pinch the sensitive skin of your waist while sitting down or exercising - no bueno.

You may also discover that the logo is sown into the waistband in a way that makes it protrude outwards; this will also begin to fray after a short amount of wears and washes.

All of these factors call for a very delicate balance of width, depth, and attention to detail that we've meticulously developed. All of our waistbands are wide enough to provide a secure fit without grabbing any skin and is made with the best elastic possible for a soft and comfortable wear.

Featured: Expressionz Highlightz

The logo design on the waistbands of the Originalz and Expressionz is attached via super strong adhesive that doesn't bleed out behind the individual letters and will hold for many wears and washes to come.

Featured: Cottonz Bred

The waistbands on all Cottonz feature a sleek inlayed design that will prevent the aforementioned fraying, providing a sharp look that will last longer than any other men's undergarments on the market.


A tight fit is not the same as a secure fit, and a secure fit is useless if it's not breathable. Like we talked about above, many other undergarment brands that use polyester or polyamide will appear tight at first, but will quickly lost its elasticity after a few washes. Even if it did maintain its size, those materials are not breathable like nylon, micro modal, or cotton.

But what truly determines the fit of men's undergarments is the types of seams used. Generally, there are two types of these seams: overlocked and flatlock.

Overlocked seams are the traditional seams made by putting two pieces of fabric on top of one another and sewing along the edge, creating an inside flap. After a small amount of wears and washes, the inside flap begins to split and fray.

This can lead to irritation, chafing, and bleeding, ultimately shortening the life of the undergarments.

Featured: Cottonz Gray

On the other hand, flatlock seams are sewn together by butting the cut edges against each other. This does not result in a frustrating inside flap, but instead creates a thin, flat, soft, and more secure seam that lasts much longer than overlocked seams. 

As a result, this technique greatly reduces the risk of irritation and chafing and produces a much more comfortable fit.

Every pair of Drawlz undergarments are made of soft, comfortable, and breathable materials and are built using thin, strong, and secure flex fit flatlock seams. Other brands that have flatlock seams typically don't use breathable material, and those that do use breathable material generally don't use flatlock seams.

Simply put; we don't cut corners.


When it comes down to it, design is determined by your individual, unique taste. With that said, we can't really compare designs; but we can compare the intention behind the design of Drawlz and the design of other brands.

Many of the other brands out there have uninspired designs of $100 bills, sports teams, blurry landscapes, etc. When it comes to solid color undergarments, you'll find they use dye that fades and bland colors that don't match most outfits.

Every single design at Drawlz is 100% original from the mind of our founder, Anthony Christopher. His inspiration is born from a passion to influence the streetwear and urban scene cultures and is reflected in his creations; have it be the one-of-a-kind prints of Expressionz, bold style of Originalz, or complimentary colors of Cottonz, you won't find designs like Drawlz anywhere else.

Aside from comfort, we chose the material due to their ability to hold colors. Just like its fit, the designs on Drawlz will last many wears and washes.


There isn't much of a significant difference in price between most men's undergarments brands, Drawlz included. The price of individual Drawlz undergarments ranges from $23 to $32, and comparable brands range from $22 to $45. In that narrow price range, Drawlz falls right in the middle.

We also offer Packz, bundles of 2-3 Drawlz in one package at a discounted rate. 

Featured: Drawlz G.O.A.T. Pack

Many other brands don't offer this option at all, and those that do offer up to 3-4 pairs at a price of around $20. Although this may be tempting, its a red flag; as we mentioned above, cheap men's underwear won't last more than a few washes. In the end, you'll wind up spending more money over a short amount of time as you burn through them every few weeks. These cheaper brands are also less comfortable, stylish, and breathable than Drawlz.

Where Drawlz shines and others lack is what you get for the price; breathable, comfortable, stylish, long-lasting, and unique men's underwear at an affordable price.


Although our opinion may be biased, we began Drawlz with a mission to provide a superior men's undergarment experience that prioritizes comfort without compromising style.

By blending the right formula of the best materials available, crafting comfortable yet secure waistbands, meticulously engineering the perfect fit, producing 100% original designs, and offering all of this at a reasonable and affordable price, we believe we've achieved our goal - and hundreds of satisfied customers that have reviewed their Drawlz 5/5 stars would agree.

Thank you for considering Drawlz, we'd be honored to have your business.

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