How Often Should You Change Your Boxers? Answered

How Often Should You Change Your Boxers? Answered

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A Man's Guide to Underwear Health and Hygiene

I'm gonna start this off by saying this; don't feel stupid or ashamed that you had to Google how often you should.

While women are overloaded with an incredible amount of health information about how to wear panties and underwear properly and all the hygiene that goes on down there, men are left in the dark their whole lives.

We're just told to "wash ya ass and Johnson" - and some guys and women wonder why hygiene can be challenging for a lot of guys...?

That's where we come in with our latest men's underwear health addition to the Drawlz blog where we'll answer how often you should be changing your underwear, explain why you should do so, how to clean your drawers, when you should buy new underwear, and end with some FAQs.

Let's get to it.

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How Often Men Should Change Their Boxers

Men should change their boxer briefs every day - that's it. You should not wear the same underwear again until it's washed.

Now let's say you wake up, throw on some Drawlz, go to the gym, and get them all sweaty. Once you're done with the gym, take a quick shower and put on new underwear. Do not put on the same pair of underwear again until they're washed.

Or, if you go out for the day and get sweaty for whatever reason, toss them Drawlz in the hamper and put on new underwear. It's a good idea to quickly shower and rinse your groin area before hopping into a new pair.

We have a simple rule around here: If Drawlz touch your bawlz, wash 'em before wearing 'em again.

Why You Should Regularly Change Your Underwear

There really isn't a list of health benefits when it comes to changing your underwear every day, but there is a laundry list of health risks that go with wearing dirty underwear.

When reading this, remember - you can avoid any risk below by simply changing your undies everyday.


The first and most obvious risk is that wearing dirty, worn underwear smells disgusting. If you're thinking, "Well nobody sees me with my pants off", that doesn't matter - foul odor from sweaty old underwear permeates your jeans even if you shower in between. You might not smell it because you're so used to it, but a lot of people do.


When you sweat, or even from just sitting around, moisture, bacteria, grime, and oil builds up on your undies. This will lead to skin health problems like acne and blemishes accumulating in spots that you really don't want to have acne or blemishes.

Skin health problems like this will also increase your infection risk in the genital area.


Reintroducing bacteria from worn underwear will irritate your skin, making it inflamed and sensitive. This will ultimately lead to rashes that can get painful and uncomfortable beyond belief, leading you to scratch your groin in public.

If it gets really bad, you greatly increase your risk of infection in the genital area - no thank you.

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How to Clean Dirty Underwear

So now we know that you absolutely have to change your underwear at least once a day, you should probably learn how to clean them; here's some quick tips.

For a more complete explanation, head to our How to Clean Men's Underwear and Keep Them Looking New guide.

Using a Washing Machine

  1. First, turn your underwear inside out and wash separately from other clothing.

  2. Set the machine to a delicate (or gentle) cycle and use the cold water setting.

  3. Use gentle detergent and let them air dry when they're done.

Pro-tip: Washing machines are your best bet at getting rid of all microscopic fecal matter and other nasty s#!t that builds up in natural and synthetic fabrics from heavy wear.

Washing Underwear by Hand

  1. To wash underwear by hand, fill your sink up with cold water and add a drop of gentle detergent.

  2. Turn the underwear inside out and run it under the cold faucet.

  3. Carefully squeeze and scrub the all of the fabric in the cold water.

  4. When you're done, rinse them under the cold faucet again to get all of the soap off and let them air dry overnight.

How to Get Stains Out of Boxer Briefs

There's a few ways you can fix stained underwear, but the best way is to use a stain remover pen. For a full explanation, head to our guide explaining how to get stains out of underwear.

When to Buy New Boxer Briefs

No matter how much you take care of your Drawlz, here will come a time when you gotta buy new underwear.

You can tell this is the case when the starts to feel loose, stains just won't come out anymore, holes or tears start to show up, and the seams and waistband starts to fray. (Check out this Drawlz guide for more info)

The average pair of cheap undies should be replaced once every 2-3 months, but a higher end brand like Drawlz will last you anywhere from six months to a year if maintained properly.

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Should you change your boxers everyday?

Yes, you should change your boxers everyday. Wearing undies multiple days in a row leads to bacteria buildup on your skin which can cause odor, acne, and rashes.

How often should you replace boxers?

You should replace a cheap pair of boxers every 2-3 months. You should replace underwear from luxury brands every 6-12 months, depending on how well they're maintained. When buying underwear, be sure find your correct underwear size to get a pair that fits perfectly so it's comfortable for your skin.

Can I wear the same pair of boxers for 2 days?

No, you can not wear dirty underwear for 2 days. Wearing the same boxer briefs will make you stink and your skin will break out in acne.

How many times can you wear the same boxers?

You can wear the same underwear at most once per day. If you sweat a lot or go to the gym, put on a fresh pair when you get home after a shower.

How many pairs of underwear should a man own?

A man should own 14-21 pairs of underwear so there's plenty of underwear options for different activities. Having 21 gives you 7 for everyday wear, 7 for the gym, and 7 more pairs for lounging or special occasions.

We recommend cotton material for everyday use seeing as it's comfortable, breathable, versatile, and absorbs moisture.

Nylon is a great choice for going to the gym or anything where you anticipate sweating seeing as they're more lightweight and fast-drying than cotton. Wearing new underwear made of nylon also ensures that it will fit properly, reducing risk of skin infection on your rear end and elsewhere.

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Micro modal fabric is your go-to for lounging, intimacy, and sedentary careers due to their luxuriously soft feel on your skin and elegant appearance.

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TLDR; If your Drawlz touch your bawlz, you gotta wash 'em. I know it might come across as crazy to some guys, but cleaning dirty underwear is basic hygiene.

What would you think if you were dating a chick that had sweaty, stained, worn out underwear on all the time? You don't need to be a professor of microbiology and pathology to answer that one.

Thanks for stopping by, stay confident.


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