How to Be a Better Man in 2022

How to Be a Better Man in 2022

Out of all of the lessons born from hardships of the previous two years, the most important that encompasses all of them is that we need to be the very best we can be every minute of every day. You never know when your world will be turned upside down and inside out; you must be able to handle these trials with confidence and integrity.

Although everyone has their own unique points of life they may need to improve upon, the following words of advice will help you to build a strong foundation to become a more fearless, unshakeable, and powerful man for this new year and every one that follows.

Run Towards Your Problems

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All throughout my 20s, I found myself dodging problems whenever they came my way; whether it was something like renewing my driver’s license, filing my taxes, or conflicts in relationships, I pushed them away as long as I could. Practicing this always led to the same result- the problem compounded over time and ultimately became more difficult to solve when I could not put it off any further.

The solution to this is simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy; run towards your problems and get them over with. When an unknown number calls you, pick it up without hesitation. When an official looking letter comes in the mail, open it immediately. When you feel that you have to address something within a relationship, be it romantic, familial, work, or with a friend, address it right away in a calm and respectful manner in person or on a phone call.

Practicing this will minimize any potential damage, greatly reduce your stress, and will earn respect from both yourself and others.


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We’ve all made empty promises or agreed to plans we knew we weren’t going to follow through with, and although it may seem easier in the moment, placating people in this way erodes the respect others have for you as well as your integrity, a very important aspect of becoming a better man.

Integrity can be summed up as doing the right thing when no one is around and staying truthful when nobody else would know otherwise; essentially, integrity is the relationship with and how you view yourself. In other words, when you say you’ll commit to plans knowing damn well that you don’t have any intention of showing up, nobody will know that you’re lying about the lame excuse you made up besides you; however, in doing so, you damage your integrity.

Your word is a powerful tool and can take you to new heights when used honestly without compromise, but can lose its strength and turn against you when abused. Do what you say you will and don’t agree to things you don’t want to do. A man who is true to his word is trusted by his allies and respected by his enemies.


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Fear is your best friend and you must treat it as such; it is an inescapable feature of life and an invaluable asset that will open doors to unlimited opportunity. More often than not, fear is a friend that provides a map of where to go, writes a script to what must be said, and reveals what must be done or what must be refused.

Afraid of talking to the woman across the bar? That’s a signal to go talk to her.
Fearful of asking for a raise? Knock on your boss’ door.
Terrified of not following demands that compromise your character? Time to plant your feet firmly in the ground and firmly state, “I’m not doing that.”

When you’re struck by fear, pause. Observe the event or thought that led to the fear, reflect, and do what you’re afraid to do. The greatest things in life lie on the opposite side of fear. Don’t rob yourself of these experiences.


Dignity: The state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect
Self-Respect: Pride and confidence in oneself
Submission: The action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person

When a man gives up his dignity or sacrifices his self-respect to satisfy the demands of another, all that is left is submission. To truly become a better man, you must not do that which compromises your dignity or self-respect, no matter the personal cost or social backlash.

Instead of deciding to become a forgotten statistic, choose to be remembered as a man who stood up for what he knew to be right. Defending your dignity and self-respect is not an easy thing to do, and although values such as these are not easy to uphold, doing so will build your confidence and inspire others to do the same.

“The revolution will not be televised” is a poem released by Gil Scott-Heron during a time of political and social strife that ultimately and undoubtedly inspired countless people to relentlessly pursue doing what they know to be right regardless of the picture painted by the media.

For years, Nikola Tesla was mocked and ridiculed for failing to make his radically innovative ideas a reality countless times, only to change the world forever with inventions such as the AC motor, radio, remote control, Tesla valve, and many, many more through sheer persistence and belief in his capability to succeed.

It wasn’t anything close to easy for Martin Luther King to stand up for what was right while facing impossible odds, but his dedication and iron resolve shaped the future of a nation.

Instead of deciding to become a forgotten statistic, choose to be remembered as a man who stood up for what he knew to be right.

Defending your dignity and self-respect is not an easy thing to do, and although values such as these are not easy to uphold, doing so will build your confidence and inspire others to do the same.

Following these principles require commitment, determination, and unyielding resolve. You will find resistance from within yourself as well as others, sometimes those who you truly love and care about you.

Sticking to these fundamental truths will lead to uncomfortable moments, but you must remember that comfort is the enemy, for it is the state of mind that puts a ceiling on your true potential. In 2022, discipline your mind to become a better man and you will unlock infinite possibilities for many years to come.

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