How to Build Confidence as a Man in 2022

How to Build Confidence as a Man in 2022

The Chinese zodiac claims that 2022 is the year of the tiger; a wild beast whose power is surpassed only by it’s fearlessness, a force of nature respected by all in the animal kingdom.

While we don’t exactly subscribe to zodiacs or astrology, there’s no denying that a new year is a stellar opportunity to shape yourself into the man you’ve always wanted to become. If you’re already there, you know that there’s always room for improvement.

Regardless of your stage of embracing your inner power, be sure to read our top five tips that will help you build confidence as a man in the modern era; tips that aren’t generic like “go to the gym”, but rather advice that is practical and effective that will truly make a positive impact on your day to day life.


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Self-confidence begins with how you start your day; our lives are a string of days, and putting effort into yourself every day results in a life of continuous improvement.

When you take a little extra time to groom yourself in the finest detail before presenting yourself to the world, you leave your home knowing that you’re the very best you can possibly be. There is nothing feminine about it, and anyone who tries to bring you down for bettering yourself is only trying to bring you down to their level of self-respect, or lack thereof.

Some easy grooming habits that have an immediate impact on your appearance, and ultimately self-confidence, include shaping your eyebrows, staying on top of shaving or trimming your facial hair, and plucking nose hair.


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In 1971, psychology professor and body language expert Albert Mehrabian proposed the 55/38/7 rule of communication. In a nutshell, he claimed that communication is 55% nonverbal, 38% vocal, and 7% words only; this tells us that body language is key.

Although this mostly has to do with how others perceive us, consistently putting conscious effort into confident body language sends a message to yourself that you are presenting yourself in the best possible way in the present moment. Like all other habits, this compounds over time, eventually becoming an effortless part of your everyday life.

Examples of exhibiting confident body language include rolling your shoulders back and down while standing or sitting, keeping your hands out of your pockets while walking, and lowering the amount of adjusting your shirt. My personal favorite is maintaining eye contact when engaging in conversation. This is very effective in respectfully asserting confidence while either speaking or listening and becomes natural after a short period of time.


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There’s an old saying that goes something like, “When you look good, you feel good”, and like many timeless words of wisdom, the genius is in its simplicity.

Similar to adding grooming habits, putting conscious effort into your daily fashion choices that both look and feel good is a quick and effective way to exude confidence in every room you enter. It’s important to not follow what trending celebrities or influencers are telling you what to add to your drip, unless you truly think it looks good on you; instead, wear what makes you as an individual feel confident.

Every self-assured outfit begins with what’s worn underneath, and that’s where we come in. For a more loud look, check out any of our unique Expressionz. If comfort is your path to confidence, any of our Originalz will do the trick. Cottonz are also a great option for a classic getup.


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Science is catching up to what we already know intrinsically; spending too much time comparing yourself to others behind a screen is absolutely detrimental to self-confidence and sense of self worth. Computers, televisions, and smartphones relentlessly assault your mind with doomsday headlines, divisive rhetoric, and infinite other examples of negative content that damages your self-image. As I mentioned above, confidence begins with daily habits, and consuming this negativity on a daily basis turns out to be a very bad habit with severe consequences on how you view yourself.

 The solution to this is deceptively simple, extremely effective, yet surprisingly frustrating. First, change the passwords to your social media accounts to ones that are impossible to remember and write them down on a piece of paper. Then just delete the apps off of your phone. This technique totally removes your ability to engage in social media so long as you’re far away from your passwords.

Keep in mind that this will be frustrating for a while seeing as you’re removing a reliable source of dopamine for your brain, so be sure to replace the time you once spent on your phone with something you enjoy. Read books that you truly like to read, don’t feel like you have to read self-help books exclusively, walk your dog, call friends and loved ones - the possibilities are endless.


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There is nothing toxic about embracing your masculinity. Contrary to what society tells us, watching sports and drinking beer are not masculine traits; true masculine features are strength, courage, independence, leadership, and assertiveness. Again, there is nothing wrong with embracing these powerful characteristics that ultimately enhance your self-confidence and enjoyment of life.

Build physical strength by establishing a regular exercise routine and build mental strength by challenging your belief systems. Discover your courage by not compromising on doing what you know to be right regardless of the adversity it may bring. Develop independence by taking responsibility for your actions, which also teaches you how to lead yourself, and ultimately others. Be assertive when your heart tells you to not budge, but also be aware of your potential ignorance; always have an open mind.

These things are not easy at first, but over time become an integral part of your everyday life.


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You can read this article and a hundred more like it, but all of this information is useless unless you take action. Start small, accept the unavoidable slips, and most importantly, trust in yourself.

The ultimate key to building confidence in yourself is trusting you can do it, whether it’s January 1st, 2022, or December 31st, 2025. The next time you think of giving up, imagine yourself at the end of 2025 if you had followed these guidelines; then imagine yourself if you had not. Both are equally possible and equally difficult. Ask yourself, would you rather struggle for three years and wind up where you are now, or struggle for three years and become the confident man you trust you can be?

Thank you for reading, I wish you a new year of abundance, strength, and growth.

All the best,

Founder, Drawlz

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