How to Care for Your New Drawlz

How to Care for Your New Drawlz

Congratulations on your recent purchase of your new Drawlz undergarments, and thank you for supporting our vision. Although our products are made to last multiple washes and wears, there are certain care tips we recommend to extend the life of your new undergarments for as long as possible.

So before you wash your new Drawlz for the first time, be sure to read this quick and easy care guide so you can get the most out of your Drawlz as possible.

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Washing Your Drawlz

When you wash your new undergarments for the first time, we recommend washing them separate from any other apparel. If you have different colored Drawlz in your order, wash them separately from each other. Once you’re ready, turn the Drawlz inside out and set the washing machine to a delicate cycle using cold water.

You can include your Drawlz with other apparel of similar color after the first wash, just be sure to always turn them inside out, set the washing machine to a delicate cycle, and use cold water.

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DRYING Your Drawlz

We strongly recommend that you air dry your Drawlz. You can hang them inside or outside, just don’t leave them exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

We do not recommend putting your Drawlz through the dryer seeing as it may lead to premature shrinkage and can also result in the logo peeling off the waistbands of Expressionz and Originalz

Although air drying takes longer, it will keep your Drawlz looking good as new for much longer.

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Here’s some pro-tips to wrap this up:

→ Wash your Drawlz with like colors.

→ Wash the undergarments after each wear.

→ Washing your Drawlz inside out will reduce the wear and tear on the fabric and will result in more of a deep clean.

→ Use a color-safe detergent to prevent any unintended damage to the design or color.


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If you still have questions, feel free to reach email us at We’d be happy to help.

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All the best,

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