How to Deal with Summer Sweat: A Man’s Guide

How to Deal with Summer Sweat: A Man’s Guide

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Live Confident and Comfortable This Summer

One of the very few drawbacks of being a man in summertime is dealing with all of the sweat that goes with it. While this is not exclusively a problem for guys, men do sweat significantly more than women. (Thankfully)

We’ve all been in those situations where we’re dripping from the forehead with our shirt stuck to our back embarrassed as all hell.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not powerless in the matter.

Here’s what you can do to either sweat less, or deal with the sweat to make it more bearable, and ultimately feel more confident this and every summer.

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This is something nobody talks or thinks about, but I think may be the best tip in this guide.

Acclimate your body to get used to the higher temperatures and you’ll sweat less intensely. For example, if you currently sweat hard simply walking from the car to work, you’ll barely break a sweat after just a few weeks of intentional heat exposure.

In your free time, expose yourself to the sun or hot temps and just sweat it out. You’ll be a faucet for the first few days, but you’ll find pretty quickly that you won’t sweat as much as time goes on.

Doing this will transform those little daily moments of sweaty hell into barely noticeable non-events.

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Switch to Antiperspirant

Yes, antiperspirant is different from deodorant. Lemme break it down for you.

Antiperspirants are designed to reduce sweating by blocking the sweat glands in your underarms with aluminum.

Deodorant on the other hand does not affect the amount you sweat, it just covers up any body odor that comes from sweat.

TLDR; antiperspirant reduces sweat, deodorant reduces odor. So if you suffer a lot from excessive sweat in the summer, consider making the switch.

Wear Moisture-Wicking Underwear

The land down under suffers the most during the sweaty summer months. For decades, men couldn’t do much else aside from the occasional wipe-n-go throughout the day, but times have changed.

You can conquer swass by switching to moisture-wicking underwear. This type of underwear fabric is designed to pull the sweat off the skin and push it to the outside of the underwear so it can quickly dry, stopping a wet crack in its tracks.

While all Drawlz are moisture-wicking, we recommend the fast-drying Expressionz or absorbent Cottonz for higher temperatures.

Take back your crack and support your bawlz with Drawlz today.

Less Hot Caffeine

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to diet affecting how much you sweat, but let’s focus on the easiest change you can make that will have a significant impact.

Just cut back on hot coffee. The caffeine in coffee stimulates your central nervous system while also activating your sweat glands, and drinking it hot increases your core body temperature which makes you sweat even more.

So if you need another caffeine boost after your first cup of hot coffee in the morning, make sure it’s a cold brew or iced.

If you really want to reduce your sweating throughout the day, lower your caffeine intake overall.

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Pack Spare Outfits

If you’re like me and sweat like a penguin in a rainforest, the stress of not having a spare outfit to jump into if need be can make super sweaty moments even worse.

Conversely, knowing that I have a backup outfit if I need it gives me the peace of mind I need in those super stressful sweating moments.

At the very least you can keep a Drawlz Multi-Pack in your trunk in case of emergencies.

Stay Hydrated

This might sound backwards, but staying hydrated lowers the amount of sweat your body pushes out.

Try to drink at least eight tall glasses of water everyday, preferably room temperature. This will make it easier for your body systems to regulate core body temperature and help to prevent overheating, therefore lessening the need to sweat.

Plus, staying hydrated causes the body to flush odor-causing toxins out of your body via urine instead of sweat.

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Sweat sucks, but when you have the knowledge and tools to deal with it effectively, this major problem can quickly turn into a minor annoyance.

Stay cool, comfortable, and stylish all summer long with the fast-drying, lightweight Expressionz line of Drawlz. Here’s our top picks for summer stylez:

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