How To Hide Underwear Lines for Men | Avoid Lines from Boxers and Boxer Briefs

How To Hide Underwear Lines for Men | Avoid Lines from Boxers and Boxer Briefs

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How to Get Rid of Underwear Lines: A Men’s Guide

There's nothing quite as frustrating as toiling over an outfit to make sure you're dressed to the nines, looking at yourself in the mirror feelin' yourself, only to have that flash of confidence fade away as soon as you notice the underwear lines.

Happens to the best of us.

This ultimate guide to eliminating men's underwear lines gives you everything you need to ensure that you don't suffer from an unexpected manty lines attack ever again.

Let's reclaim your comfort, confidence, and crotch once and for all.

Wear the Right Sized Underwear

First and foremost, a lot of men who suffer from underwear lines can quickly fix the problem with this first tip: just wear the right sized drawers.

When you put on men's underwear that's too small, the elastic bands around the thighs and waist compress the skin and stretch out. This in turn makes the skin bulge and the seams protrude.

To find yourself the right underwear size, head to our How to Choose Men's Underwear Size post to find a perfectly comfortable fit in minutes.

Avoid Wearing Tight Pants

This may come off as an obvious tip, but it bears mentioning.

You can have the most comfortable underwear designed with the perfect waistband, support, and cut, specifically designed to not show underwear lines, but if you're wearing pants so tight that you can see what you had for breakfast... the underwear lines will show.

If you're one of those guys who can pull it off, go for it; if I could I'd give it a shot. Just know that you're probably not going to get rid of underwear lines unless you slide into man thongs or g-strings for men.

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Don’t Put Your Underwear in the Dryer

There's two reasons why putting your drawers in the dryer leads to underwear lines for men:

  1. Putting your underwear in the dryer shrinks the fabric and waistband, making them smaller, which will lead to underwear lines.

  2. Exposing your underwear to such high heat leads to premature fraying, pilling, and splitting, which can also cause underwear lines.

Take the time to air dry your underwear every time, no matter what underwear styles you prefer. It will pay off in the long run.

For a more detailed men's underwear care guide, check out our How to Wash Men's Underwear guide.

Wear the Right Fabrics

If avoiding underwear lines is a priority for you, then always go for either cotton men's underwear or microfiber underwear for men, specifically micro modal underwear. These fabrics are less likely to produce visible underwear lines than others. And of course, they're comfortable.

Out of the two, we recommend micro modal over cotton. They're both great underwear fabrics, but micro modal will show less underwear lines due to its incredibly smooth and soft properties that don't cling to other fabrics.

Shop Drawlz Brand Co. Originalz to experience the luxuriously soft, comfortable feel of micro modal men's underwear.


Made with 95% micro modal and 5% elastane for superior comfort, softness, and confidence.

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Wear Boxer Briefs, Ditch Other Underwear Styles

Last tip of the day; Avoid boxers, tighty whiteys, and everything in between. Just choose boxer briefs.

Seeing as this type of underwear forms to your body shape and stays there all day long, the chances of underwear lines showing through the pants is slim to none. Plus, they provide unparalleled support, feature a design to properly present the boyz, and are the preferred underwear style by women.

The other underwear styles have no support and therefore bunch up, causing all kinds of unsightly underwear lines. This is especially true with boxer shorts.


What are underwear lines?

Underwear lines refer to the visible outlines or imprints that show through pants when wearing men's underwear, usually from the seams of the underwear.

How do you make underwear lines not show men?

To prevent underwear lines from showing, wear the right sized cotton or micro modal underwear, don't wear tight pants, and don't put your underwear in the dryer.

How do you prevent manty lines?

To prevent men's underwear lines, don't wear underwear or pants that are too tight, avoid putting your underwear in the dryer, and swap out your underwear styles for cotton and micro modal Drawlz.

Why does my underwear line show?

Your underwear lines can show for many reasons, but it's probably because your underwear is too small. This causes the elastic to stretch, which then protrudes outward along with your skin.

That's it! Mystery solved.

After following these guidelines, you'll never have to worry about dealing with underwear lines for men again.

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