Learn How to Organize Mens Underwear Drawer in 5 Easy Steps

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Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Mind

It's no secret that a cluttered living space influences disorganized thoughts, just like how an organized living space can lead to more mental clarity.

When de-cluttering your home, it's best to start with spaces that you frequent every day, with one of them being the underwear drawer. Tidying up your underwear storage is a quick and easy task that can be done in less than ten minutes.

In this men's guide explaining how to organize underwear, you'll learn how to efficiently organize your underwear in five steps, how to fold underwear for extra tidiness, and the answers to common FAQs.

Let's get started.

1. Take Everything Out & Separate

First and foremost, take everything that's in your underwear drawer out and onto the floor. Separate the underwear from the socks (and whatever else was kickin' around in there) and start organizing clothes into individual piles.

2. Get Rid of What You Don’t Wear Anymore

Next, go through the piles you've created and be absolutely merciless about what you want to get rid of.

Whitey tightys from high school? Toss 'em.

Boxers that were once a shade of grey that now look like a stained old gym sock? Yeah, they're trash.

Underwear that you tried once but didn't really like the feel or style? Donate them if they're only worn once.

Not sure of when it's time to get new underwear? Check out our guide explaining When to Buy New Underwear and you'll know for sure which ones can stay and which ones can go.

3. Sort Underwear by Fabric, Type, or Color

Now that you have underwear that's made the cut, it's time to decide how you want to store underwear in your drawers; by fabric, type, or color.

We recommend sorting the underwear by fabric seeing as it makes it easy to wear fabrics that are equipped for what you're about to do. For example, if you only have Drawlz in your underwear drawer, you can sort them by the cotton, micro modal, and nylon fabrics.

If you wear other styles of underwear aside from boxer briefs, you can also organize underwear by type. (Boxer briefs, boxers, briefs, thongs, etc)

Keeping your underwear organized by color is pretty straightforward.

4. Learn How to Fold Boxer Briefs

Personally, I think learning how to properly fold boxer briefs is what makes the difference between a truly organized underwear drawer and another sloppy mess waiting to happen. Folding underwear is a good organizational skill to keep under your belt, and there's tons of different ways you can fold underwear.

For example, you can use the Military Roll fold for a tidy appearance that saves space. Or to really save space, you can go for the Roll and Tuck fold.

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To learn the best ways to fold men's underwear, check out our ultimate guide on How to Fold Mens Underwear complete with still shots of each step and GIFs of each fold. Trust me, this will make all the difference in how organized your underwear drawer will appear.

5. Organize Based on Drawer Size

Last but not least, we gotta put all your undies back in the underwear drawer. I broke this up into two categories based on the size of your underwear drawer.

Larger Underwear Drawers

If you have a larger underwear drawer and have space for more clothes than your boxers, it's a great idea to get a drawer organizer or drawer dividers. A drawer organizer makes it easier to put laundry back where it goes, and drawer dividers prevent you from having to rummage between your boxers and socks. That way, you can easily separate your underwear on one side and whatever else you keep in there on the other side.

If I had to recommend one of the two underwear organizers, I'd go with the drawer divider option. You can really organize your pairs of underwear how you see fit instead of being stuck with the preset drawer organizer options. Colors on one side, different styles on the opposite side; don't matter. You'll have flexibility.

Smaller Underwear Drawers

If you're like me and have smaller dresser drawers stacked on top of one another, just keep the underwear separate from everything else. One drawer for boxers, another for socks, so on so forth. There's less clutter and it's an easier way to organize underwear separate from everything else.
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Bonus: Maintaining The Tidiness

So you've finally developed an orderly system to organize underwear - now how are you going to prevent yourself from falling back into the same mess as before?

My top recommendation is to stay on top of folding your underwear, and fold different styles of underwear in different ways. When you take the time to fold your underwear, you'll also take the time to keep your underwear drawer organized.


How do you organize a men's underwear drawer?

First, take everything out of your underwear drawer and separate the underwear from everything else. Next, get rid of the underwear you don't want anymore and organize your underwear by fabric, type, or color. After that, fold the underwear nice and tight before finally putting it all back in the underwear drawer, organized.

How do I organize my underwear drawer?

Organizing your underwear drawer is a simple process that involves decluttering, sorting everyday underwear by type and color, using dividers, and folding the underwear to maximize space and organization.

How to store underwear if you don't have a dresser?

If you don't have a dresser drawer, you can still store socks and underwear efficiently. Consider using storage boxes or fabric bins to sort and organize underwear by type. Use vertical space in your closet or shelves to store these containers neatly. You could also utilize a closet organizer or drawer organizer.

How do you fold boxer briefs?

To fold a pair of boxer briefs, lay the underwear flat and fold in half lengthwise. Then, fold in the sides to create a rectangle shape. Finally, fold the bottom up to the waistband or fold them in thirds to store them compactly.

That's it, pretty straightforward stuff. Organizing your underwear drawer isn't rocket science, nor is it time consuming, but it can really set in motion a more organized way of life.

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