Up Your Dating Game: Why the Right Underwear Puts You Ahead

Up Your Dating Game: Why the Right Underwear Puts You Ahead

In case you were wondering, you’re definitely not imagining it. The challenges of modern dating have earned every cliché in the book, and it only takes a brief glance at any swipe-right app to reveal the harsh reality facing those of us who are “on the market”... It’s as wild as can be out there, and we must be the masters of our domain to stand out in the dating world.

Though competition is fierce and standards have reached a pinnacle, single suitors can leverage several elements to make a stellar impression on any first date and beyond. Turns out, there’s an often-overlooked advantage under your slacks, should you choose to curate it carefully…

The right underwear won’t just score you style points once your trousers come off, but they also speak volumes about the kind of man you are.

Here’s a rundown of how choosing the ideal underwear can significantly up your dating game:

First Impressions Count

You’ve charmed your date with your gentlemanly traits, made her jaw drop at your slick choice of outfit, and commanded the room with your charisma. But the importance of first impressions doesn't stop once dinner is over.

If you’re lucky enough to end up in your underwear at the end of the night, you’ll want it to be worth showing off. Take note - your date will definitely be watching. Make sure your undergarments look sharp, clean, fresh and stylish so your date knows you’re all of the above.

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Shows You Know Style

A true gentleman never misses an opportunity to showcase his style, and what you wear underneath your outfit says the most about your eye for fashion. You know the thrilling moment when a woman reveals that irresistible matching lingerie you’ve been imagining under her dress all evening? The same is true in reverse, gents.

Choosing underwear that complements your outfit, makes a splash, and creates a “moment” is just one pair of form-fitting, color-coordinated boxer briefs away.

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Accentuates Your Assets

Nothing kills the vibe like a baggy, daggy old pair of boxers crashing the party. When it comes your time to shine, you want to feel confident, attractive, and most of all - give them a glimpse of what’s underneath without telling the whole story. 

The best underwear hints at what they’re missing, creating an alluring display of your best assets in a way they’ll be powerless to resist.

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A Testament to Your Character

You appreciate quality, and the status of your underwear sends a clear message about what you find valuable in life. Sure, you keep up your impeccable presentation on the outside for all to see - but when your date sees that you take pride in the little details just for yourself, it shows integrity, self-worth and maturity. 

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You’re bold, generous, and confident, and wearing underwear that reflects these qualities gives you a serious leg up on the dating circuit as you carry yourself with conviction.

There’s nothing more magnetic than a modern-day gentleman who knows who he is, what he likes, and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Count on Drawlz to bring you all the poise you need to be your best on your next date.

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