What is Micro Modal Underwear? Everything you Need to Know About the Best Men’s Undergarments

What is Micro Modal Underwear? Everything you Need to Know About the Best Men’s Undergarments

You may have noticed micro modal underwear more and more frequently while shopping for men’s underwear in recent years, and for a good reason; micro modal fabric is known to be more soft, breathable, durable, and moisture wicking than other men’s underwear fabrics and is taking the market by storm.

But what is micro modal underwear and what are the other benefits that make it so appealing? Let’s jump right into these questions and others surrounding this enigmatic textile in this ultimate guide to the latest men’s underwear craze sweeping the industry.

What is Micromodal Fabric?

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Micro modal fabric is a specialized textile called viscose rayon fabric, a type of semi synthetic fabrics. Viscose rayon fabrics are made from natural raw materials that are put through a manufacturing process to create a synthetic fiber.

The end result produces a breathable yet durable rayon fabric with moisture wicking properties and a silky texture perfect for boxer briefs found in our Originalz line of men's undergarments.

What is micromodal fabric made of and how is it made?

Micro modal rayon is made from cellulose extracted from the chips of birch, oak, and/or beech trees. First, these chips undergo a chemical process where there cellulose is extracted, flattened into large sheets, and immersed in caustic soda. The cellulose goes through other various other chemical processes until it is ready to be run through a spinneret, stretched, and finally, made into yarn which is tightly woven together to produce a micromodal rayon fabric.

The Benefits of Micromodal Men's Underwear

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Think of everything that makes an excellent pair men's undergarments and multiply it by a factor of ten. This unique material provides a plethora of benefits both present and not found other fabrics as outlined below.

Smooth and Comfortable

Seeing as it's derived from natural fibers, micro modal provides a much softer wear than other fabrics, often compared to silk and some say the softest material available for men's underwear.

The smooth and lightweight yet durable nature of micro modal is also a major factor in making it the ultimate comfortable underwear, producing an incredible wear that doesn't lose its softness after several wears and multiple washes.

A Tight Fit with Breathability

A skin tight fit isn't always breathable, and a breathable fit isn't always comfortable. But what is breathability? In a nutshell, breathability is a fabric's ability to absorb moisture and then release the moisture through the fabric itself.

This is where micro modal shines, blending a perfect combination of breathability and a secure, skin tight fit to your body when blended properly with quality elastane. (Also known as spandex.)


The fact that micro modal is derived from trees naturally leads to a durable material, even more so than other fabrics. Micro modal holds its shape well, retaining elasticity when mixed with just the right amount of elastane after wearing multiple times. It also resists shrinkage and pilling, those little annoying bits of fabric that bunch up and cling to the fabric.

Moisture Wicking Properties

Moisture wicking fabric quickly moves sweat off of your body, onto the fabric, moves the sweat to the outer surface of itself, and finally swiftly dries the sweat to prevent saturation and provide a cool fit. This makes micromodal an excellent choice for sportswear, especially when compared to other fabrics.

Holds Color

Due to the beech fibers in its composition, micromodal holds and retains colour vibrancy seeing as it easily takes and holds dyes even after multiple washes and several wears. It truly is the best of all worlds.

How to Care for Micro Modal Underwear

Although micromodal underwear and clothing is known for its durability, there are certain things you can do to make it last longer.

When you wash micromodal clothing, be sure to run it through a delicate cycle using cold water and do not put it through a dryer. Instead, hang them out to air dry.

It may be more time consuming, but this process will help the undergarments retain its shape, breathability, softness, and color.

Micro Modal vs Cotton Underwear

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Before we begin this comparison, let's be clear that we love cotton underwear. It is the grandfather of all men's underwear and we even have a line of cotton undergarments called Cottonz. With that said, there are certain features of micromodal that may make it superior to cotton.

Although cotton is soft, micromodal is much softer. Comfort and softness really comes down to personal choice, but if you prefer a texture that's more like silk, micromodal is your best bet.

When it comes to absorbency, micromodal is 50% more absorbent than cotton. It's also important to note that cotton holds and absorbs sweat and moisture, whereas micromodal wicks moisture away. If you lead a more active lifestyle or live in a hot and humid climate, cotton boxers are heavy and uncomfortable; you'll want a pair of boxers that are light and less water absorbent such as micro modal.

Finally, cotton underwear simply doesn't last as long as micro modal. Cotton will begin to shrink, wrinkle, and pill after wearing multiple times, whereas micromodal can last multiple wears and washes and resists pilling.

One of the Best Options for Men's Undergarments

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It's clear to see that micromodal underwear provides a comfortable, soft, and breathable fit that is both versatile and durable; a must-have for any man's wardrobe. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at drawlzteam@drawlz.com. We'd be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Looking to try micromodal underwear? Check out these top sellers from our Originalz collection, all made from a perfected blend of micro modal and elastane.

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