What Makes Drawlz the Top Choice for Men's Underwear?

What Makes Drawlz the Top Choice for Men's Underwear?

Anyone can talk a big game when it comes to pretty much anything, and online apparel seems to fall victim to big promises that don’t deliver - but at Drawlz, we go above and beyond to not only make exceptionally comfortable and stylish men’s underwear, but to also build a community around inspiring confidence in men.

Talk is cheap and results speak, so our latest post explains everything we do to make Drawlz the top choice for men’s underwear, from the boxers themselves to the community we build around them.

Featured: Expressionz DBC Signaturez


There are three different types of Drawlz made from three different materials. Cottonz are made from cotton, Originalz are made from micro modal, and Expressionz are made from nylon.

While I chose these three materials for their own unique reasons, they all share moisture-wicking features that quickly wicks sweat off of your body and pushes it to the outside of the underwear so it can evaporate faster to reduce chafing and irritation.

Featured: Cottonz Carolina

Cotton underwear is the grandfather of all Drawlz, and for good reason. Cotton is highly absorbent and versatile enough to be worn pretty much anywhere for anything, making them the best choice for everyday wear.

Featured: Originalz Navy

I chose micro modal for the Originalz because I wanted an option that looked and felt luxurious. Micro modal starts as chips of birch, oak, and/or beech trees and goes through a manufacturing process to spin it all into a material that’s unbelievably soft, making them the best option for lounging and formal wear.

Featured: Expressionz 305'z

Finally, I always knew that the Expressionz line was going to be the boldest of the three, so I wanted a material that would keep up with the loud lifestyle of the customers that wear them - hence nylon. The lightweight and quick-drying features of the stay cool mesh nylon we use is the epitome of when comfort truly meets style.

Featured: Originalz Green Moss


There’s a fine line between underwear that’s uncomfortably tight and boxer briefs that provide a secure yet breathable fit. When boxers are too tight, they aren’t breathable, in effect making them uncomfortable.

The boyz need to be able to freely move around while also having some support, and the material combined with the construction of the underwear is what gives every pair of Drawlz their trademark secure and breathable fit.

Featured: Expressionz Jawbreakerz


The carefully selected materials used to make Drawlz are sewn together using a technique known as flex fit flatlock seams.

We choose this seam technique because it lasts much longer than traditional overlocked seams and does not create an irritating inside flap. Instead, flatlock seams create a thin, flat, soft, and more secure seam so your Drawlz feels better and lasts longer.

Featured: 2022 Originalz Gold Anniversary Edition


The crown of all Drawlz are the soft, wide waistbands measuring in at 2” wide. I chose to go with this width for a few reasons;

First, thin and narrow waistbands easily begin to fray and split after a few wears and washes. I want Drawlz to feel and look good for a long time, so narrow waistbands were never an option.

Wide waistbands also tuck away belly fat and love handles to give you a more slim appearance. For slim or active men, they also provide the benefit of reducing rubbing and chafing, seeing as they flip down and over much less than thinner options.

If the waistband is the crown then the adhered logo is the crown jewel; on Originalz and Expressionz, a gel Drawlz logo is attached to the front and back via an extremely strong adhesive. 

When it comes to Cottonz, the Drawlz logo is inlaid all the way around to provide a sharp look that won’t fray or fade for a very long time.

Featured: Cottonz Bred


One of the driving principles behind Drawlz is that we make underwear to make men feel confident - but we want to go past the underwear to help men with this.

To consistently reach as many of our customers as possible, we’ve built a community around the blog that you’re reading now, a custom-built app, and active social media engagement.


The Drawlz Blog features dozens of original, quality blog posts covering topics such as how to choose your underwear size, how to wash your Drawlz, and our take on current events along with lifestyle pieces like how to be a better man, how to up your dating game, and more.



The Drawlz app is available for both iOS and Android users and comes with a slew of exclusive benefits and features such as early access to exclusive drops, a wishlist, and saving your payment information. To help you stay motivated, we send out an inspirational or motivational quote every Monday.


GO Live with Drawlz

Finally, we’ve built a community on Instagram of over 22,000 and have a “Go Live” series where our customers go on Instagram live with us to ask me questions or tell their story. If you want to be featured on Drawlz, send us an email at connect@drawlz.com.


Featured: The D Snapback


Aside from boxer briefs, we also recently expanded into outerwear for men so our customers can match their hoodies, shirts, and hats with their Drawlz.

Just like our underwear, all of our outerwear features original designs and are made of top-notch material held together by the best seams.


Featured: Highlightz Pack


Thanks to the support of our incredible community of customers, Drawlz just broke over 1,600 reviews on both our website and Google page. Here’s what they have to say:

Charles A.



I just love my DRAWLZ G.O.A.T Pack that I purchased last week. I especially love my pair of purple and gold underwear. They all fit perfectly and they don't rise up my legs. I will indeed buy more!

Drawlz reviewed: Drawlz G.O.A.T. Pack

William W.



I love this company! I love the product and the customer service. Trying to buy enough to replace all my underwear! Feel like these drawlz were made for me!!

Drawlz reviewed: Expressionz 305'z

Ronnel R.



I am so amazed at the fit and feel of these drawls! I don't like sagging my pants but felt I should. I got complement twice.

Drawlz reviewed: DBC Signaturez Gold Anniversary Edition




I now have 8 pair and I think that says enough. Not only do they look good they fit and feel good. I always say good product will promote itself, and here I am leaving a review. Try for yourself.

Drawlz reviewed: Red OG Pack

Tevin A.



Drift feeling below the belt designs are amazing . Keeps the thighs from rubbing for the big guys. Bout 7 just cause the design was fire.

Drawlz reviewed: Expressionz 23'z

Charles B.



My wife bought me these and I was quite impressed. She said she bought them based on reviews she read. The reviews must've been accurate, because now, I want the whole collection.

Drawlz reviewed: The Green Pack

I’ve tried my absolute best to provide underwear for men that’s not only comfortable, but also durable, long-lasting, and most importantly, stylish. I’m incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of our community - and even more grateful that they agree with me on how I view Drawlz.

Thanks for stopping by, if you have any questions just shoot us an email at drawlzteam@drawlz.com.

Stay comfortable and confident,

Anthony, Founder

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