6 Embarrassing Problems with Cheap Men’s Underwear

6 Embarrassing Problems with Cheap Men’s Underwear

Although cheap underwear may seem like a bargain at first, it's more expensive in the long run - and I’m not just talking about money.

The worst part is that most men don’t even know the hidden costs of opting for bargain box underwear, let alone how doing so can take a serious toll on their personal, professional, and intimate relationships.

Save yourself from these humiliating interactions down the road and check out the six unfortunate and embarrassing consequences that come from wearing cheap underwear - and why you'll never find these problems in a pair of Drawlz.


We’ve all experienced chafing; that unmistakable feeling of irritation when skin rubs against itself or against moisture-soaked fabric. It’s disgusting, distracting, and throws off your whole vibe.

Wearing men’s underwear that doesn’t prevent chafing is like buying a car that can’t drive, so if your underwear makes you chafe, what good is it?

With a perfect blend of top-notch fabric and elastane, moisture-wicking technology, flex fit flatlock seams, and non-irritating dyes, you will never chafe in a pair of Drawlz.

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The waistbands found in cheap men’s underwear will begin to fray and poke into the sensitive skin around your waist after only two or three washes. This is not only uncomfortable, but also embarrassing when the strands of fabric stick out from beneath your outfit.

This is due to two main reasons: Cheap brands use the bare minimum amount of fabric to save on production cost and the width of these waistbands is 1-1.25”.

If you notice this happening, it’s time to chuck ‘em in the trash.

One of the defining characteristics of Drawlz is the soft, secure, and stylish waistbands, made from a blend of nylon & elastane and 2” width, an inch wider than most other brands.

In other words, they’ll last way longer, feel much better, and most importantly, won’t cramp your style.

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There’s nothing like the feeling of disappointment that comes from waiting for new underwear to be delivered and washing them before their first wear, only to see the colors have already begun to fade.

If that’s not insulting enough, they can’t be returned after a wash or wear, so you just throw your hands up, wear them anyways, and forget it happened when it’s time for you to buy new underwear again.

At Drawlz, all of our designs are printed using premium dye that will last for countless washes, especially if you follow our Care Guidelines. (The rich colors and vibrant designs last way longer than you’d think.)

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Whether you lead an active lifestyle or have a sedentary job, the friction from everyday wear quickly puts holes in cheap underwear. This can lead to irritation, chafing, embarrassing intimate moments, and frequently having to buy new underwear.

This is because of two main reasons: cheap, thin material and overlocked seams.

Drawlz exclusively uses the best cotton, micro modal, and nylon materials blended with the right amount of elastane to create long-lasting undergarments that feel and look great for much longer.

On top of that, instead of using traditional overlocked seams that quickly split and fray, all Drawlz are made with flex-fit flatlock seams to create a thin, flat, soft, and secure seam that also outlasts overlocked seams by a long shot.

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A vast majority of underwear brands, especially the cheaper options, absorb even the smallest amount of sweat and moisture. Aside from the obvious chafing and discomfort, continuous moisture buildup in the groin creates the perfect environment for odor-causing bacteria and fungi to build up.

Long story short, if your underwear easily gets wet and doesn’t dry, they gotta go.

To prevent this, you want underwear that pulls moisture away from the skin and draws it to the exterior of the fabric, making it easier to evaporate. This process is known as moisture-wicking, and all Drawlz have this on lock - especially our Originalz and Cottonz.

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Even on their first wear, cheap underwear can easily bunch up beneath your jeans or droop down after just a few hours. The worst part of this is constantly having to adjust your underwear in a public, intimate, or professional setting - which is uncomfortable for you and everyone around you.

This is because cheap brands don’t use enough elastane, don’t have the correct blend, use cheap overlocked seams, and/or use cheap fabrics that wear out easily.

Premium underwear doesn’t bunch, droop, or require constant ‘attention’ after bending, walking, running, or getting up. It just stays put.

By blending top-notch fabrics with the perfect amount of elastane and stichting it all together with flex fit flatlock seams, Drawlz will never bunch, droop, sag, or sink - they simply look good and feel great so you can focus on what matters.

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“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”  Benjamin Franklin

Choosing cheap underwear now may seem like a bargain at first, but will ultimately cost you more down the road. Just one pair of Drawlz will easily outlast multiple pairs of bargain box briefs and provide a breathable, stylish, and secure fit you won’t find anywhere else.

Aside from the monetary investment, choosing premium men’s underwear is also an investment in your style, confidence, and libido. No matter how you slice it, you can’t go wrong with a fresh pair of Drawlz.

All the best,
Anthony | Founder

Featured: DBC Gold Pack - 2022 Anniversary Edition

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