How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Man Own: Answered

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Man Own: Answered

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Guy Have?

25. The ideal number of pairs of underwear that a guy should have is at least 25.

Now if you're here for the quick answer, you're welcome. We just saved you a bunch of time scrolling through Google. Check out our Best Sellers and New Arrivals to add some comfortable flair to your underwear styles.

But, if you were like me years ago, and are thinking, "How many pairs - 25? What is this guy talking about?", stick around.

At first, 25 pairs of underwear sounds like a lot, I get it.

Stay with me here and we'll cover five reasons why 25 pairs of underwear is actually a pretty fair number.

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Change Your Boxers Daily


Okay, first thing's first; we have a simple rule around here.

If Drawlz touch your bawlz, you gotta wash 'em. No if's, and's, or but's about it. You should not wear the same underwear again until it's washed, and you should change your underwear daily.

Undies are not like pants. People tend to wear pants many times in one week before washing them, and it's fine to do that with pants; just not with underwear fabric.

If you choose to wear the same pairs of underwear again before washing them, you'll stink, develop acne or rashes, and run the risk of developing a bacterial infection in the groin and hip area. That part of your body generates a lot of sweat and holds a lot of bacteria, and clothing or fabric that touches it should be washed once it comes off of your body.

To this point, it's also a good idea to change sweaty underwear throughout the day if you go to the gym or do something that makes you sweat a lot.

You can learn more about this in the official How Often You Should Change Your Boxers guide.

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You Should Wash Your Underwear A Lot


This goes hand-in-hand with how you should change your underwear daily; how much underwear you should have kicking around depends on how often you do your laundry on a regular basis.

If you do your laundry once a week, you'll need three extra pairs of underwear to make it between laundry loads.

If you do your laundry once every two weeks, you'll need seven extra pairs of underwear.

Regardless of how frequently you wash your boxers, you must have enough underwear to make it between loads of laundry. Washing underwear between wears is a non-negotiable.

Discover what to do - and what not to do - when washing your underwear in our How to Clean Men's Underwear guide.

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Complete the Drip


When it comes to getting undies that match the shirt, jeans, pants and kicks, you'll need at least one variation of the different colors and different types of underwear to accommodate your different styles.

With that in mind, there's basically nine colors of fabrics that you need to have in your underwear drawer to complement your pants:

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • White

  • Black

  • Brown

Having many pairs of underwear ready to go to match any pants or clothes you have on is a must if style is a priority for you.

The number here is six instead of nine because you already have 14 from above, and most men are wearing more than one color already.

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Have Some Backups


Life happens; you get busy and you can't run your laundry in time. Or, you unexpectedly go swimming and wind up blowing through three pairs of underwear and two pairs of pants in one day.

Whatever the case may be, it's always best to have fresh underwear ready to go instead of having to sniff through your laundry basket to find the least smelly pair to put on to get you through the day.

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Boxer Briefs for Different Occasions

So we have seven from daily wear, seven from washing daily, six to complete the drip, and five for backup. That brings us to 25, so why am I still writing you ask?

Now, we have to split the 25 pairs of underwear up into the six possible occasions you may find yourself in. Dedicating certain pairs of underwear to mix and match for special occasions or certain activities will pay off in the long run in terms of organization and longevity of the underwear,

How you break up these categories is up to you and your lifestyle, and it's never a bad idea to grab more underwear than 25 if you need to.

Best Underwear for Active Lifestyles

If you go to the gym daily, play sports, or have a career in heavy activities like construction, have many pairs of nylon Expresssionz boxer briefs for these different activities too. They're lightweight, fast-drying, and move with your body the best, but without the spandex feel.

Best Underwear for Sedentary Careers

On the opposite end of the spectrum, sedentary careers require maximum softness for all day comfort. For that, your best bet are fresh pairs of luxuriously soft micro modal Originalz boxer briefs.

Best Underwear On-the-Go Guys

Don't know where the next moment will take you? You'll need a pair of underwear that's as versatile as you are, and for that, stock up on a good amount of Cottonz boxers.

Best Underwear for A Night Out

When you're out on the town, you'll need a pair of underwear with a bold style that's as flexible as you. Expressionz are the way to go.

Best Underwear for Intimate Moments

When it's time to play some Marvin Gaye, you'll want at least one pair of underwear that's as soft as your woman's skin. Get some Originalz dedicated to some good ol' horizontal refreshment.

Best Underwear for Sweat

If you run hot and sweat more than the average person, you gotta wear underwear that's both absorbent and moisture-wicking. For that, make cotton fabric your go-to pairs of underwear.

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How often you should buy new underwear?

You should buy a new pair of underwear when it starts to loosen, fray, split, and fray, or when you start to see holes and the elastic doesn't support the way it used to. This usually happens around every 6-12 months, but holes may appear sooner depending on the quality of underwear and how much they're worn.

What is a reasonable amount of underwear to own?

It's reasonable to own 25 pairs of underwear to wear for various occasions.

How often should a man change his underwear?

A man should change his underwear daily. If you go to the gym or play sports, you should change your underwear after you're done.

How many pairs of underwear does the average person own in their underwear drawer?

Most guys prefer to have 20-25 pairs of underwear in their socks drawer or closet to wear to various activities throughout the week.

There you have it; the long and short answer to "How many pairs of underwear should a man own" is 25.

Between daily wear, regular washing, completing the drip, having some backups, the quality of underwear, and dedicating different types of underwear to different activities, 25 is a perfect number.

Thanks for stopping by, and check out our Best Sellers and New Arrivals while you're here.

Until next time,

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