Men's Trunks vs Boxer Briefs: Key Differences Explained

Men's Trunks vs Boxer Briefs: Key Differences Explained


Jacket or coat? Pants or jeans? Shoes or sneakers?

These are the questions that aggravate most men to the point of throwing their hands up and going with whatever's easiest. (We've all been there) When the time comes to finally get to the bottom of these questions through a quick Google search, the only results that come up are product listings of both styles we're trying to differentiate from each other.

Although this isn't the place to learn how trench coats and pea coats are different (good luck with that one) this is the right spot to learn all there is to know about men's underwear - in this case the differences between boxer briefs vs trunks.

This ultimate guide looks at the length, fit, functionality, comfort, versatility, and style of both boxer briefs and trunks as well as which one is best suited to different body types. At the end we'll finally answer the age-old question with a final verdict as to which option is the best underwear - boxers or trunks?

We got a whole lot to talk about - let's dive in.

Topics Covered in This Guide

• The Biggest Differentiating Factor

• Length

• Fit

• Functionality

• Comfort

• Body Type

• Versatility

• Style

• Final Verdict

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The main difference between these two underwear styles is that trunks are shorter than boxer briefs. Where boxer briefs reach down to roughly halfway down the thigh, trunks reach just below the crotch.

When it comes to body type, trunks only work well with men with a slim physique. For the average everyday guy or mean with larger frames, boxer briefs are the way to go.

Drawlz Tipz: Although both can be described as boxers, loose fitting boxer shorts are much different than boxer briefs. While both reach halfway down your leg, boxer shorts are the underwear that have a loose fit that easily bunch up and look like Grandpa drawers; boxer briefs are the underwear that feature a snug fit. TLDR; Boxer shorts are loose and sloppy - boxer briefs are breathable, snug, and feel great.


While they look almost identical at first glance, boxer briefs are longer than trunks. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but choosing one or the other could be the difference between a relaxing underwear experience and a day of endless suffering.

Wearing underwear on the shorter side like trunks means your thighs will rub together, ultimately causing excruciating discomfort from chafing all day long until you get home to finally change out of them. Talk about uncomfortable...

Conversely, boxers with moisture wicking properties are long enough to put a layer of fabric between the skin of your thighs while also absorbing moisture and pushing it to the outside of the underwear to dry as fast as possible, eliminating the risk of thigh chafe and irritation altogether.


Trunks and boxer briefs both have good support and essentially the same fit, the only difference is the longer fit of boxers. The advantage of wearing boxer briefs vs trunks is that boxers don't bunch up as much as trunks do seeing as the short legs of trunks slide up easily.

If you have to move around a lot for work or plan on doing something active, boxer briefs are the better option. When it comes to fit on the boxer briefs vs trunks debate, the longer fit of boxers comes out on top.

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As I mentioned above, the less fabric and shorter legs of trunks easily slide up your thigh when you move around, resulting in constantly readjusting your underwear throughout the day. While trunks may provide a more slim look for men with a slim build, they're not the most functional choice in men's underwear.

On the other hand, boxer briefs are optimal underwear for any activity or career seeing as the longer leg prevents bunching, sliding, chafing, and irritation. Boxer briefs are the better choice for any condition, but especially for heavier set men with bigger thighs or men who lead an active lifestyle.


While trunks may be more the stylish underwear for men with a thin frame, boxer briefs are more comfortable regardless of your build seeing as they're designed to have a more breathable wear and secure fit, with many options having moisture wicking capabilities and a construction that prevents bunching up.

The choice is clear on the comfort end of boxer briefs vs trunks; the long leg boxer briefs continue to reign supreme.

Drawlz Tipz:  Not all boxer briefs are made the same however; you have to factor in the material of the underwear as well. Our top recommendations are synthetic fabrics like nylon and micro modal or classic cotton underwear.

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For men who sweat a lot, lead active lifestyles, work in a field that requires movement, or have thick thighs, boxer briefs are a better choice.

The longer leg means that no skin on skin contact can happen which therefore eliminates the risk of irritation or chafing.

While trunks may be more stylish for men with a slim build who don't have thighs that rub against each other, boxer briefs are always a safe bet.

Although some may choose trunks due to the short length and square cut that highlights a slim physique, they're not the most comfortable as soon as you start walking around.

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If you're looking for a versatile pair of men's underwear that wears well in any setting, boxer briefs are the way to go with cotton being the most versatile fabric. The length and moisture absorbent properties of cotton boxer briefs make it so you can comfortably and confidently go anywhere and do anything.

On the other hand, the only time you can wear trunks are sedentary activities while wearing tight clothing. Looking at versatility on the boxer briefs vs trunks debate, you're better off wearing a pair of boxer briefs.

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While subjective, boxer briefs and trunks are better suited for different outfits and styles.

Trunks are best suited for those who prefer tight underwear or wear generally tighter clothing. The shorter legs and tighter fit means they blend nicely under any popular styles of pants from skinny jeans to suit trousers.

Boxer briefs truly shine with any personal style seeing as the level of comfort associated with the longer fit cranks your confidence up to 11. Whatever your outfit may be, you'll be sure to find a pair to complete the drip from the wide variety of options available from Drawlz.


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After looking at the functionality, fit, comfort, versatility, and fashion of trunks and boxer briefs, it's easy to see that the longer legs of boxer briefs are the clear winner.

While wearing trunks do highlight men with a slim physique and both feature a snug fit, the breathable and versatile experience of wearing boxers far outweighs the one advantage of trunks.

To learn more about the different styles of underwear at Drawlz, check out our guide explaining the difference between Originalz, Expressionz, and Cottonz to find the perfect underwear that matches your lifestyle and unique taste.


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