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What Women Want: Decoding Female Preferences in Men's Boxer Briefs

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Understanding Women's Choices in Men's Boxer Briefs

Most guys don't think twice about the type of underwear they have on under their pants, but consider this.

Let's say you're dating a woman and eventually got to the point of where the pants came off; what would you think if you saw her wearing a tattered old thong, bikini, or lingerie riddled with holes and stains? What does that say about her at first glance?

News flash fellas; the same thing goes through the minds of women when they see you wearing the same ratty old nasty boxers from high school. To really boost your confidence and come across as a responsible, sexy, well put together man, you gotta start wearing the underwear that women find most attractive.

In this guide, we'll go over the different types of men's Boxer Briefs, reveal women's favorite type of underwear on guys, walk you through how to choose a pair, list our top 5 picks, and end with some common FAQs.

Let's get you out of your dad's underwear and into a pair of underwear women find most attractive.

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The Different Types of Men’s Underwear

Just so we're clear on the different options so you know which ones to avoid, here's a quick list of the different types of men's underwear you can choose from.

Pro-Tip: For a more thorough explanation on this topic, check out our Men's Underwear Explained guide.

Boxer Briefs

Men's Boxer Briefs are the snug fit men's underwear that reaches about halfway down your thighs. They're versatile, breathable, comfortable, and most importantly, look the best.

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Also known as boxer shorts or loose fit boxers, these are baggy versions of boxer briefs with shorter legs. These are the type of underwear your dad wears - not sexy.

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Trunks are similar to boxer briefs, but have much shorter legs. They have a snug fit that gives off a feminine sexuality and display man-ty lines, not the best choice for attracting ladies.

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Pro-Tip: You can learn more about the difference between trunks, boxers, and boxer briefs in this Trunks vs Boxer Briefs post.


Commonly called tighty whities, briefs stop at the groin and have negative sex appeal. Briefs represent either immaturity or a lack of a sense of style; if you want to scare the ladies away, wear these. The only place that tighty whities should be is in your granddad's underwear drawer.

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The Type of Underwear Women Find Attractive

Countless online surveys show time and time again that men's boxer briefs are the type of men's underwear women find most attractive. Women view them as undeniably sexy seeing as they're manly, stylish, and like how they accentuate thighs, a guys butt, along with other "assets".

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How to Choose Attractive Boxer Briefs

There's three key things to look out for when choosing Men's Boxer Briefs that women want to see; fit, color, and design.


When it comes to finding the perfect fit, first you want to choose the right underwear size. Putting on boxers that are too tight will first and foremost make you uncomfortable, but can also make you appear less toned.

Conversely, loose men's boxer briefs can make you look sloppy or disheveled.

The right pair of men's boxer briefs should feel secure, not tight, around the waist and thighs, while also providing more support with breathing room for the boys. You can learn more about this topic in this How Should Men's Boxers Fit guide.

When it comes to fabric, women want undies that feel smooth and soft to the touch. With that in mind, choose boxer briefs with fabric made out of either cotton, micro modal, or nylon. They'll all feel great on your body, and certain nylon boxer briefs will actually feel like you're naked underneath your pants.


While color does play an important role, there is no right or wrong color to wear when trying to be more stylish for the ladies. Instead, wear colors that match whatever clothes you have on.

This displays a sense of style and self-respect that she'll notice and will very much appreciate.

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This point is similar to color, but with a little caveat; go bold with your designs so long as they match your drip.

We dedicated the entire Expressionz line to have bold styles, women frequently write in saying they buy them for their man all the time.

The caveat here is to not wear juvenile or immature designs like cartoon characters or music personalities. These were cool and fun in middle school, not as an adult man.

Take Mary who reviewed the Originalz Ojayz she bought for her man:

"I love the new color! It’s so vibrant and eye catching! My Man has every one of the Drawlz that was launch out! I hope they continue to go outside the box and bring more outrageous prints/colors."

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Featured: Cottonz Red

The Top 5 Best Most Attractive Boxer Briefs

Now that we know that boxer briefs are the men's underwear women find most attractive, and how to choose a pair that feels good and looks great, let's take a look at the five best boxer briefs that women love.

2023 DBC Gold Pack

New for 2023, the DBC Gold Pack features three pairs of men's boxer briefs with different ox blood and gold designs; one cotton, one micro modal, and one nylon.

Originalz Black

A classic that stays on the top of the Drawlz best-sellers, the luxuriously soft micro modal Originalz Black men's boxer brief feature a simple yet bold design with a sleek silhouette that women find irresistible.

Cottonz Carolina

Featuring shades of powder blue on a comfortably classic look, women cited Cottonz Carolina as some of their favorite underwear for their man to wear in spring and summer.

DBC Signaturez Pack

The DBC Signaturez Pack comes with two pairs of nylon Expressionz underwear, one gold and one silver. These Drawlz are best for guys with a style that refused to be defined made from a fabric that feels like a second skin.

Expressionz 305'z

Our homage to the one and only Miami, the lightweight, fast-drying nylon Expressionz 305'z slap harder than Will Smith's chart-topping hit in the 90's about the Magic City.


Do girls prefer boxers or briefs?

Girls prefer men's boxer briefs over boxers and briefs. Boxer briefs are stylish and mature while boxers and briefs are viewed as something your dad or granddad wears.

Does brand matter when choosing underwear for attracting women?

Yes, brand is important when choosing men's underwear to attract women. A luxury brand like Drawlz will leave a much better, longer lasting impression compared to a run-of-the-mill boxers brand from big-box stores.

Can underwear patterns and designs be attractive to women?

Yes, patterns and designs on men's underwear can be appealing to women so long as the patterns and designs aren't immature or flat out ridiculous.

TLDR; Avoid trunks, briefs, and boxers. A number of surveys asked women what type of men's underwear they like best on a guy, and boxer briefs won by a long shot.

Boxer briefs have an air of elegance, maturity, and display a sense of self-respect and confidence so long as there's no sublimation of cartoons, hundred dollar bills, or musicians.

When it comes to how men's boxer briefs benefit us guys, they shape your waist and groin area, come in a variety of comfortable fabric, can be worn under jeans, trousers, or any other type of guys pants, and presents a man's package and butt in an eye-grabbing manner.

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Thank you for reading, stay confident.

Anthony, Founder | Drawlz

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