Will Boxer Briefs Help With Chafing? A Men's Guide to the Best Anti Chafing Underwear

Will Boxer Briefs Help With Chafing? A Men's Guide to the Best Anti Chafing Underwear


Chafing... even just the word makes me squirm in discomfort. Nothing ruins a great day out in the sun, a productive workout, or a hot date more than that indescribably uncomfortable chafing feeling in your upper thighs.

The good news is we now live in the 21st century, and modern society now has a plethora of solutions to what was once a curse for the legs of our ancestors. If you've experienced chafing, want to learn how to stop it, and discover the best men's underwear to prevent it from happening altogether, you've come to the right place.

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Chafing is the gut-wrenchingly uncomfortable stinging or burning sensation from skin rubbing together, most commonly in the legs and inner thighs, shared by millions of people around the world. Initially, chafing results in a mid red rash on the legs, but if it gets out of hand, prolonged chafing may induce swelling, bleeding, or crusting of the affected area.

Although the most common body parts for chafing to occur are the legs, thighs, and buttocks, chafing can also be experienced in the nipples, groin, feet, and armpits from wearing clothing and pants that causes more sweat than usual.


Chafing is caused by an unholy combination of three factors; friction, moisture, and irritating fabric. The friction comes from skin (usually thighs) rubbing together, the moisture is sweat, and the irritating fabrics from cheap underwear can increase friction and kick it into high gear.

This is why it's always advisable to avoid cheap underwear in the first place, toss out old underwear, and swap 'em out for a fresh new pair of Drawlz every 8-12 months.

Drawlz Tipz: Irritating fabrics are not the main cause of chaffing and it can happen without subpar underwear material, but that added element makes the situation ten times worse.

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As a man, there are four ways to prevent chafing from getting worse or stopping it altogether; applying anti chafing products like powder or anti chafe cream, clean yourself with body wipes, and wear secure, comfortable, moisture wicking boxer briefs.


Powder is the easiest and least messy option behind wearing the right underwear. With that said, they don't last as long or rehydrate the skin of the affected area as much as creams, lubricants, or sticks do.


As mentioned above, lubricants effectively rehydrate the chafed skin and last longer when compared to powder. On top of that, applying these treatments allows for the skin to glide off instead of rub against each other; but it is messy to deal with, requires constant retreatment, and means you always have to carry some with you at all times.


It's never a bad idea to carry around a travel pack of body wipes on days. Wiping away the sweat and bacteria buildup where your thighs rub together prevents chafing, can protect from body odor, and lower the risk of bacterial infection.

But the constant hassle and endless worry that comes with carrying these cumbersome items around can be totally avoided, or at the very least reduced greatly, by wearing even just one pair of the right boxer briefs.

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The short answer to whether or not boxer briefs can prevent chafing is yes, it absolutely can. But, choosing any pair of boxer briefs from some random online shop or off the underwear shelf at your local department store will bring you right back to square one.

In order to free yourself from the endless torture of leg friction, you need to choose anti chafe underwear that have all of these five features.


This describes the underwear's ability to pull moisture from sweating away from the body and swiftly push it out to the other side of the underwear. Once there, the moisture can evaporate and not be absorbed by or rub against the skin.


As we mentioned a few times already, cheap fabrics found in most standard underwear are the catalyst for this awful experience, so it's critical that you choose the right material.

Most of the time, cotton boxer briefs made with plush cotton are enough to prevent chafing if you're not expecting to be sweating excessively.

To prevent chafing altogether, or in certain situations where you expect to sweat a lot more than usual, nylon boxer briefs are the way to go.


This is where boxer briefs truly shine when it comes to preventing chafing seeing as they end roughly about halfway down your thighs. When wearing anti chafing underwear, this length prevents raw skin on skin rubbing while wicking away wetness at the same time, eliminating two major factors at once.


One of the most important factors when choosing new underwear to prevent chafing is making sure you have the right fit. Choosing underwear that's too tight or too loose can make matters much worse, even if the material of the boxer briefs can wick away dampness.

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Drawlz Tipz: Before choosing anti chafing boxers, take two minutes to find your true underwear size to ensure you have the perfect fit. Once you find your size, confirm that the underwear styles you chose feature flatlock seams as they provide support, a more secure fit, and don't split and fray like traditional overlock seams. .


Finally, and maybe most importantly, wear underwear that's breathable. Wearing underwear without this element can make the situation worse while also leading to further irritation, rashes, and potentially infection.

When it comes to stopping chafe, the materials with the most breathability are cotton, nylon, and micro modal boxer briefs.

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TLDR; Drawlz has three different types of boxer briefs with a wide variety of anti chafing underwear designs and fabrics to match your unique style - the Expressionz line made of lightweight fast-drying nylon, Originalz crafted from luxuriously soft micro modal, and Cottonz made from, you guessed it - cotton.

Here's our top picks for the best anti chafing underwear.



Without a doubt, Drawlz Expressionz are the best underwear to prevent chafing.

Made from a blend of 85% nylon and 15% elastane, the combination of silky soft nylon fabric and flex fit flatlock seams provides outstanding support and a secure, breathable fit you'll only find in a pair of Drawlz underwear.

The lightweight quick drying nylon fabric is our best underwear when it comes to wicking away moisture to prevent chafing and is recommended most for hot or humid climates.


One of our newest and most popular designs, Expressionz 305'z pays homage to Miami featuring trademark Miami palm trees scattered across an art deco neon color scheme.

Each pair is unique and differs slightly in color patterns to give you a truly one-of-a-kind pair of anti chafing underwear.

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The DBC Signaturez Pack is one of our most popular Multi-Packz and contains two Expressionz; one DBC Signaturez and one DBC Signaturez Gold.

These Drawlz were released as part of our second anniversary celebration and continue to be a Drawlz favorite all these years later.

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Originalz are best to prevent chafing when lounging around the house, donning suits, dress pants, or formal wear, and any other sedentary activity.

Made from a blend of 95% micro modal and 5% elastane, the support from flex fit flatlock seams together with the luxuriously soft modal fabric gives a comfortable, breathable fit that you won't want to get out of.

The unbelievably soft material is a good option to prevent chafing in relaxed, low activity environments with air conditioning.


The deep, rich navy color of these Drawlz match simple yet sophisticated styles and are best when worn with outfits of the same or complementary color scheme.

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Bold, elegant, and striking, Originalz Black goes with just about any outfit or style. The rich shade of black also hides any marks from sweating that may arise.

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Last but not least, the comfortable, classic line of Cottonz men's underwear are your best bet to prevent chafing in any environment that's not overly hot or humid due to their incredible support, versatility, absorbency, and moisture wicking properties.

Made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, the breathable, plush cotton we choose to use combined with the flex fit flatlock seams and soft, wide waistband puts a modern twist on classic cotton boxer briefs.

Our one-of-a-kind cotton blend is the best all-around anti chafing underwear made to prevent chafing in just about any environment that doesn't make you sweat excessively.


One of the OG Drawlz, the unique color combo of purple heart and gold brings a loud style to a classic boxer brief experience.

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Last but not least, Cottonz Red is another one of our newest releases with a bold shade of red the whole way around an unbelievably comfortable pair of moisture wicking boxer briefs.

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The best underwear to prevent chafing are compression shorts or boxer briefs that are comfortable, have moisture wicking properties, and are made with lightweight material that can dry quickly and gives the boys some room to breathe.

All of these properties are found in Drawlz Expressionz, the best anti chafing underwear with over 1,600 five star reviews.


When you're already chafed, wear secure boxer briefs made from synthetic fabrics, can wick sweat away, and are secure but not suffocating. If the chafe is unbearable, add either powder or anti chafe cream to the affected area when wearing beneath the boxer briefs.

You'll also want to avoid clothing and pants made of tough material like jeans or corduroy trousers seeing as they can increase the amount of friction and make matters worse.

At home, you can apply coconut oil to the chafe to speed up the healing process.


Yes, boxer briefs are much better than boxers or boxer shorts when it comes to preventing chafe even if the boxer shorts are labeled as anti chafing boxers. The length and secure fit of boxer briefs prevents skin directly rubbing against other skin where boxers don't prevent any skin to skin contact whatsoever.

I started Drawlz to give men the choice to not have to choose between comfort and style, and prevent chafing was one of my priorities when designing these boxer briefs.

When you wear Drawlz underwear, you can feel confident knowing that you can live your best life without having to worry about an unexpected chafe. You're in control of your destiny, and we're here to help facilitate that with fresh, comfortable, stylish, anti chafing underwear.

All the best,

Anthony | Founder

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