The Ultimate Guide: How to Clean, Care For, and Wear Drawlz

The Ultimate Guide: How to Clean, Care For, and Wear Drawlz

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Cleaning Your Drawlz

How to Clean Drawlz and Keep Them Looking Fresh

In this men's underwear care guide, we'll go over some general guidelines, explain how to wash underwear in a washing machine, how to hand wash underwear, how to get rid of stains, what you should do when it comes to drying your briefs, and end with some FAQs.

​​Featured: Cottonz Carolina

How to Get Stains Out of Drawlz

Discover four ways to remove underwear stains that are straightforward, easy, and can be done with household items you probably already have lying around. 

​​Featured: Originalz Blue

Maintaining Your Drawlz

6 Fast & Easy Ways to Fold Your Drawlz

Learn the top 6 best ways to fold boxer briefs as well as some other pointers in this ultimate guide explaining how to fold mens underwear.

How Often Should You Change Your Drawlz?

Check out this post to learn how often you should be changing your underwear, explain why you should do so, how to clean your drawers, when you should buy new underwear, and end with some FAQs. 

​​Featured: Originalz Red

When to Buy New Underwear

Below, you'll learn all you need to know about when to buy new underwear, other important FAQs surrounding the subject, what to look for when shopping for when buying underwear, how often you should buy new pairs, and how to make them last.

​​Featured: Expressionz 305'z

Styling Your Drawlz

The Difference Between Originalz, Cottonz, and Expressionz

This post covers the major differences between the three styles, quick answers to commonly asked questions like “Which are the most comfortable?”, and ends with what all Drawlz all have in common.

​​Featured: DBC Signaturez Gold

How to Wear Men's Underwear the Right Way

Taking a few minutes to learn these tips and apply them to your daily routine will have a positive impact on how you feel throughout the day, everyday.  Some of these tips are obvious while others are hidden gems; but all of them will teach you how to wear men's underwear correctly.

​​Featured: Expressionz Jawbreakerz

How to Match Your Drawlz with Your Pants

To help you get the best experience from your Drawlz, we’ve put together this comprehensive style guide so you can easily tell which type of Drawlz feels best when worn with certain types of pants.

​​Featured: Cottonz Green

Wearing Your Drawlz

Top 10 Underwear Hygiene Tips Every Man Should Know

Discover 10 easy, simple, and effective underwear hygiene tips to make you feel and look better in your Drawlz than ever before.

​​Featured: Originalz Navy

10 Common Underwear Mistakes to Avoid

Instead of running a Google search for hours on end or ignoring the embarrassing mistakes altogether, read this ultimate guide highlighting the 16 most common men's underwear mistakes to avoid. Your health and hygiene will thank you.

​​Featured: Cottonz Mambaz

Why is There a Horizontal Fly on Drawlz?

Not many men know this, but the fly on men's underwear isn't purely decorative, but rather a feature that gives men easier access to their member when nature calls. Yeah, I fell face first into an existential crisis when I found this out, too.

​​Featured: Expressionz Bed-Stuy
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