Collection: Valentinez Collection

Valentine's Day Boxer Briefs for Men with Style

Feel confident, comfortable, and sexy this Valentine's Day with our curated selection of red boxer briefs for men. Available in sizes small to 4XL, the Drawlz in this collection will feel, fit, and look great regardless of your underwear size or body type.

Featuring a wide selection of micro modal, nylon, and cotton men's boxer briefs crafted from only the very best fabrics, Drawlz is the most breathable men's underwear you can find.

What sets us from the rest is how we never - never - sacrifice comfort for style; the only person who will love your valentine boxers more than you will be the one who sees you wearing them.

Ditch your shabby old heart boxers from high school for the luxurious experience of wearing a sexy new pair of Drawlz from the Valentinez Collection.

How to Choose Men's Underwear Size

To find the right size for valentine boxers, first figure out whether you want to wear your boxer briefs around your waist or around your hips.

Once you get that squared away, take a measuring tape, measure your waist or hip size in inches, and check out this men's boxers sizing chart.

For a more detailed explanation of how to find your size of boxers, read our free How to Choose Men's Underwear Size guide.

How Should My Boxers Fit?

To make sure your men's valentine's day underwear will actually fit before buying them online, first measure your underwear size. Make sure they're secure but not tight, your junk can breathe but has support, and the waistband isn't suffocating your abdomen.

For more tips on how to make sure you're wearing boxer briefs that actually fit, head over to our free How Should Men's Boxers Fit guide.

The Difference Between Originalz, Cottonz, and Expressionz Drawlz

The Drawlz Valentinez Collection has a lot of options for valentine's day boxers, and you might notice the three different types; here's a quick overview.

Cottonz are made from breathable cotton and are the most versatile option, making them the best for everyday wear.

Originalz are composed of luxuriously soft micro modal fabric, by far the most soft men's valentine's day underwear you can find and the top pick for intimate moments.

Made from lightweight and fast-drying nylon, Drawlz Expressionz have the boldest style and lightest feel; if you want to be seen, go with Expressionz.

For a deeper explanation of the difference between your three options, read this guide explaining the difference in greater detail.