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Free Unlimited Return Valid in US.

Free Unlimited Return Valid in US.

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Free Unlimited Return Valid in US.

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Unbeatable Style

It's not just underwear; It's DRAWLZ!

Care Instructions

For the best care of your Drawlz, we recommend washing them with like colors on a gentle cycle in cold water, then air drying to maintain their shape and design. If needed, tumble dry on low heat. This approach ensures your Drawlz stay comfortable and vibrant. Dive into our blog for all the care details.

For a comprehensive guide on caring for your new Drawlz, visit their blog at How to Care for Your New Drawlz.

shipping & returns

At Drawlz Brand Co., we ensure your shopping experience is smooth from click to delivery. Orders process within 1-4 business days, aiming for swift domestic and international delivery. Please note, delivery times may extend during the holiday season. For added peace of mind, we recommend opting for shipping insurance with your order. It safeguards against the unexpected, ensuring that you're covered in the rare event of loss or damage during transit. For more detailed information on our shipping and returns policies, please visit our Shipping Policy and Returns/Exchange Policy pages.

Why Choose Drawlz?

When it comes to men's underwear, Drawlz Brand Co. is not just another name in the market. We're a brand committed to redefining comfort and style for modern men. Our focus is not just on solving common underwear issues but on elevating your entire experience. From our innovative design features to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Drawlz Brand Co. is the choice for men who refuse to compromise. You're not just buying a pair of underwear; you're making a lifestyle upgrade.

Eliminate Discomfort: Experience a new level of comfort with our innovative design features.

Helps with Style and Confidence: Boost your style and feel more confident, making a lasting impression on both yourself and your partner.

Alleviate Quality Concerns: Choose a product that puts quality at the forefront.​

Eliminate Elastic Failures:
No more stretched-out waistbands—our underwear retains its shape, wear after wear.​

Helps with Everyday Practicality: Experience ease of movement and all-day comfort, thanks to our thoughtfully designed features.​

Alleviate Fit Concerns: Experience the comfort of a tailored fit—finally, a brand that fits as well as it claims.

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